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Independent productions
The Man Who Never Was
John Bentley - All instruments apart from:-
Duncan McKenzie - Acoustic Guitar on Melting Cheese
Cameron Jenkins - Flute on Harbour Lights
Written, produced & recorded by John Bentley in 2006
Mixed by Cameron Jenkins

Track 1 - The Man Who Never Was
Track 2 - Harbour Lights
Track 3 - Umbala
Track 4 - The Baboon and the Hobo
Track 5 - Melting Cheese
Track 6 - Bish in the Basement
Track 7 - Slavas Waltz
Track 8 - Triphala
Track 9 - Creeping Shadows
Track 10 - Funk Dat It
45 second samples of each track
CD's are available for £9.00 each, including p&p, to anywhere in the universe - for further information contact
Mind your Head
45 second samples of each track
Track 1 - Mousehole
Track 2 - Dance of Hebe & Willow
Track 3 - Tempo no Sol
Track 4 - Don't Worry
Track 5 - Albert Ross
Track 6 - Spanish Floor
Track 7 - Pavan
Track 8 - Guitarra Habladora
Track 9 - Glastonbury (The Awakening)
Track 10 - The Epicentre
John Bentley - Electric Upright Bass, Double Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Drums, Keyboards, Percussion.
Duncan McKenzie - National Steel, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Percussion, Keyboards on Glastonbury.
All tunes written by McKenzie / Bentley.
Produced & recorded by John Bentley in 2008
Studio facilities available - click for details
only available on vinyl

every copy comes with a unique MP3 download code

sleeve notes by chris difford

14 epic tracks
45 second samples of each track
side one

track 1 - Its giving me the creeps
track 2 - Closing time
track 3 - Elvis & me
track 4 - Quicksand
track 5 - Kristine
track 6 - You didn't care about love
track 7 - Thief in the night
side two

track 8 - I wanna be your slave
track 9 - Civilisation ho!
track 10 - Things could only get worse
track 11 - A mirror cracked
track 12 - The hangman
track 13 - Psycho fun
track 14 - Living in a bubble

Digital download from Bandcamp
Digital download (American site)
GONE DEAD TRAIN up and Running!
JB has been busy producing and arranging Gone Dead Train's latest Album called
WHERE THERE'S BLOOD. available to download now:
Front Cover
John has co/written 4 songs on the record:

Running Outa Beatles
Protect my Soul
Scary Beats

Download available
Released on Decibel Records Nashville
Click on the pic to watch Fuhgeddaboudit video

...' based on a true story '
Just Drive’ ..13 new songs composed by Bruno Faderne & Tony Smith with Vocal arrangements by John Bentley.
Plus! 2 new songs composed by Tony Smith & John Bentley: -
Running Outa Beatles & Lost in the Wind - featuring John on Guitar, Drums and Bass

Tony Smith ...lead vocals
Bruno Faderne ...all instruments
John Bentley...backing vocals

With guest stars :
Martin Winning (ex Van Morrison band) saxophone
Sam Flynn (ex Eurythmics) piano
John Bentley (Squeeze) backing vocals

What’s on the album?
‘Spirit’ ‘Movin On’ ‘Above Clouds’ and ‘Running outa Beatles’ are militant songs about the state
of the planet .. ‘Lost in the Wind’ ‘So Alive’ ‘Face to Face’ ‘Several Reasons’ and ‘High Level’are
love songs ‘Sunshine’ is a psychedelic bash in Stone Roses style, ‘Dirty Land’ is an eerie desert
landscape driving song and ‘Just Drive’ rocks on into the night. ‘Destiny’ is a Bowie tribute.

To Purchase

Please send a cheque for 10 € (£8) payable to Far Cough Records @ 18 Rue Des Augustins 82000 Montauban, France

Price includes postage worldwide

Far Cough Records and Management Tel: 00 33 (0) 5 63 66 15 34
More Fantastic Gone Dead Train Tracks
I Wanna Lie Down Next to You
Chasing a Rainbow
Special Feeling
GONE DEAD TRAIN - Special Feeling
Try out a couple of tracks
Beneath a Million Stars
Click here to download full CD on Bandcamp
Contact -
Mostarda! the debut Album from The Johnny Mustard Trio -

"Not so much the Buena Vista Social Club...
but more the Littlehampton Trade & Labour Club".
Features a song co-written with Chris Difford.

If you would like to get your hands on a copy just email us on: