Music Production Services
As a session musician John has worked with fantastic artists including: Elvis Costello, Sting, Jools Holland, Garth Brooks, Nick Lowe, and of course Squeeze.

Appearing on countless shows, such as, MTV, The Old Grey Whistle Test, The Chart Show, SNL, Top of The Pop's, The Al' Murray show, private sessions with Lynn Hoffman (NYC). Good Morning America, and NBC's 'The late show with Jimmy Fallon.'

It is well known that bassist John Bentley has played on many hit records, now he is offering his services as a record producer/arranger/engineer and musician so you can benefit from this experience.

Johnny says: "I can put all my years of recording experience into your songs, I use digital recording technology, mixed with real old school recording techniques. I have learned these from many years recording with successful producers and musicians. I don't use computer programs to record, I like to record artists recording together live, wherever possible."

The following gear is available when you hire a JB studio:

*Roland Electronic Drumkit
*Aria Electric Upright bass
*Gibson and Martin Acoustic Guitars
*Gibson SG and Fender Telecaster electric guitars
*1960 Fender precision bass
*Ibanez 5 string bass
*Fender bass VI (tenor guitar)
*Classical (nylon strung) guitar
*Roland EXR-5 electronic keyboard
*Acoustic Piano
*Double bass

*Marshal 50 combo
*Fender 15 watt combo
*Mark Bass combo

*Two eight track digital recorders using individual MMD 140 Mini Discs
*AKG 1000S Mic
*Shure SM 57 Mic
*Shure SM 58 Mic
*MXL V67i

*Alessis Midiverb III
*Alessis Midiverb 4
*Sans Amp
*Line 6 Digital Delay
*Boss RC-50 Loop Station
*Boss Compressor/Sustainer
*Boss Tremelo

*LC electronic finaliser
*CD recorder

£20.00 an hour
These rates include services as engineer, producer, arranger and musician
Enquiries - jb@johnbentley.tv

'Was a pleasure working with john in the studio for someone who knows the music industy well, it gave a creative edge with proffesional outcomes, ive got to admit his studio oosed creativity with relics from the past and art work on the walls it brought a dazed vibe that you can really get lost in the music' ........ Alex Myhill
'John Bentleys skill as a producer is quick and efficient, he wouldnt dream of taking artistic control unless you asked him too. He is patient and willing to work for as long as you are, and he has enough trinkets to entertain during takes, plus his wife makes a mean cheese sarnie' ....... Oliver scott Tomney - The Picardie
'It has been a big pleasure working with john in the studio. His huge passion and drive for his music, is definitely shown when recording and producing. He is inspired by many forms of musical genres, which helps create a never-ending flow of ideas on what to do when in the studio. The passion john has with music is shown when any song or tune of which goes out that studio is entirely personal and individually to that composer, due to his love and inspiration for music. Inspirational is one word in which sums up the time and effort john has for producing and composing music'....... Lord Craig Dacey
'I have been a professional drummer for 45 years and i am very fussy about bass players. One of the finest I have ever played with is Johnny Bentley. He is a rock, very solid yet melodic & musically savvy. I am proud to have worked with him with Duncan McKenzie Band & Johnnies instumental project Mind Your Head'........ Chris Hunt
'I've played with many great musicians in my life.. John is something special. With John around its literally impossible for the vibe to be anything but positive and productive. He has an irreverence that allows for seriously good music to blossom. A great musician, a great human being and a silly fucker - with a seriously professional approach'......... Tim West