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Three piece Gone Dead Train consist of vocalist Tony Smith, multi-instrumentalist Bruno Faderne and John Bentley on backing vocals (he has worked with Squeeze amongst others). A couple of musical guests are Sam Fylnn (ex-Eurythmics) on piano and sax player Martin Winning, who has worked with Van Morrison.

Love the album cover on this one and I was expecting maybe a blues rock or Americana album, wrong! It is in fact a mix of 90's pop beats from the likes of the Charlatans and the Stone Roses, with a distinct pop rock flavour. Opener ‘Just Drive’ and the YouTube track ‘Sunshine’ definitely tip a hat to the Manchester sound.

‘Spirit’ benefits from some tasty sax playing from Martin Winning and you can drift away on the gentle bass/piano refrain on ‘Lost In The Wind’. Tony Smith has a distinct vocal, sometimes part spoken and having John Bentley adding his vocals on each song adds to the catchiness of the songs.

Impressive and an unusual mix of 90's music, quality pop and a little blues/country.

Review by Jason Ritchie